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A BBC Radio 3 Sunday Feature exploring the life and work of the Jamaican-British academic, writer and cultural studies pioneer, Stuart Hall.


Through his own words, and with contributions from loved ones, academics, artists, and a new generation inspired by his work, Afterwords explores Hall’s ideas, influence and identities, from Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, to founding editor of the New Left Review, co-creator of the first Cultural Studies department at Birmingham University, Professor of Sociology at the Open University, champion of black British art, TV presenter, political activist, lover of music and family man.

Produced for Falling Tree Productions (2021)

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A four-part series exploring the songs, stories and symbols of British national identity. Spiralling from the personal to the political and from the present into the past - both real and imagined - I go on a quest for 'Albion', in the hope that we may heal the wounds of history and find hopeful visions for the future. 

Presented by me and produced by Alan Hall and I for Falling Tree Productions (2020).

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A one-off podcast led by DeForrest Brown, Jr., author of Assembling a Black Counter Culture, in conversation with Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9, founder of Hyperdub) and Nkisi (co-founder of Non Worldwide). Collectively they discuss the migration of techno music from North America to Europe with an initial focus on the situated contexts of the dance music scene in London and across the U.K. during the early 1990s. With reference to techno’s spiritual and technological origins, evolution and relationship with the so-called Hardcore Continuum.

Produced for Camden Art Audio (2021)

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A 3-part series that takes an expanded view on clay as an earthly material. Examining the politics of geological narratives and the agency of minerals, it reflects on humanity’s fundamental and interwoven relationship with the earth. The series gives a voice to the ongoing research of academics and artists regarding ecology, commerce, indigenous communities, ancestral relations, and the Anthropocene.

Produced for Camden Art Audio (2021)

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I was executive producer on the latest series of Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4, presented by Josie Long and produced/curated by Ellie McDowall, Andrea Rangecroft and Alia Cassam. A Falling Tree Production (2021).

An interview with climate activism magazine It's Freezing in LA! about my Radio 4 series, My Albion, legacies of Empire and how folk culture might help us to restore our connection to the landscape and each other. 

An interview with Martha Pazienti Caidan about my journey in radio, creative process and influences for Resident Advisor's Exchange podcast (2021).

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I travelled to Dakar, Senegal to make a documentary about Sabar drumming with the legendary N'Diaye Rose family, and electronic musicians Beatrice Dillon, Nkisi and LABOUR, exploring organic + electronic approaches to rhythm-making.

Produced for Falling Tree Productions (2020).

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I interviewed the incredible singer, composer and instrumentalist, Beverly Glenn-Copeland for Resident Advisor's Exchange podcast (2020).

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A documentary about my relationship with my mum, Amey, who suffers from schizophrenia, exploring themes of motherhood, mental health, ancestry and trauma.

Presented by me, produced by Alan Hall for Falling Tree Productions (2020).

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An extended interview with the prolific musician and composer, Patrice Rushen, recorded for Resident Advisor's Exchange podcast (2019).

Fons Americanus.jpeg

A podcast exploring remembrance and forgetfulness in relation to histories of slavery and colonialism, inspired by by Kara Walker's 'Fons Americanus' installation in the Tate Modern.


Presented by Bridget Minamore, produced for Falling Tree Productions (2019).


A podcast exploring the role of improvisation in the arts, inspired by the work of British artist, Frank Bowling.


Presented by me and produced by Hannah Dean for Falling Tree Productions (2019).

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A documentary celebrating the life and music of the New York composer, Julius Eastman, with contributions from Mary Jane Leach, George E. Lewis and Jace Clayton. 


Presented by Elaine Mitchener, produced for Cast Iron Radio (2019).


A two-part series on British Caribbean identity, focusing on the children and grandchildren of Windrush.


Presented by Hugh Muir, produced for Cast Iron Radio (2018).

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I returned to the homeland of my grandparents, Carriacou, to discover the island's 'Big Drum' tradition – a West African drumming and dance ritual passed through generations since the days of slavery.


Presented by me, co-produced with Kate Bland for Cast Iron Radio (2018).


An hour-long podcast on the history of UK garage, exploring the genre's rise from an underground after hours party scene, to 'Top of the Pops'. Featuring interviews with Todd Edwards, Matt Jam Lamont, Norris 'Da Boss' Windross, MC Creed, Lisa Maffia, Wookie and more.


Presented by Emerald Rose Lewis, produced for Boiler Room (2017).

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A documentary exploring the lack of diversity in the newspaper industry.


Presented by Hugh Muir, produced for Cast Iron Radio (2017).

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Celebrating Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday with contributions from Eska, Jessye Norman, Dianne Reeves and more.


Presented by Mara Carlyle, produced for Cast Iron Radio (2017).

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An Archive Hour commemorating 50 years since Britain's first Race Relations Act.


Presented by Ritula Shah, produced for Cast Iron Radio (2015).

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